Clubs By Day


Happiness Club

Plan events to make the Menlo community a better place!

Diversity Club

Come for an open space to talk about current events regarding diversity, identity, and culture!

Meets Biweekly
Trivia Club

Quiz yourself on topics from sports to science to history!

Beekeeping Club

Learn the science and caretaking of bees and beehives and how to harvest honey!

Model United Nations

Learn about foreign and domestic diplomacy through current events!


Come to learn about business and entrepreneurship!

Election Club

Everything about 2016's historic election.

API Affinity Group

This club aims to foster an understanding for all Asian cultures and support Asian students at Menlo

Spoken Latin Club

Open to anyone who wants to speak Latin!

Meets Biweekly
Black Student Union

Discuss and learn about black culture and issues!

Gender Equality in Politics

Exploring the role of women in politics!


Knight Vision

Plan and participate in community service events for Menlo and local organizations!

Lit Mag

Write, read, and compile some of Menlo students' best written works!

Investment Club

Learn the basics of money-managing and economics!

Gender Equality Matters

Discuss gender equality within the Menlo community and beyond!

Junior Classical League

Learn and apply the classical language of Latin!

Garden Club

Plan and plant the Menlo garden!

Anime Club

Enjoy watching and reading anime!

Speech and Debate Club

Speech and Debate club members will learn how to formulate and respond to arguments and claims.

Meets Biweekly
Book Club

Come read and discuss books!


Student Council

Student elected individuals representing the student body to plan events for the Menlo community!

Mock Trial

Learn the art of debate!

Meets Irregularly
Environmental Club

Discuss environmentalism!

Francophone Club

Learn about French culture and current events!


Chess Club

Come play chess every day!

Spectrum Club

A safe place for all genders, races, religions, and sexual orientations!


Learn the basics to apply for competitions!


Come produce Menlo's arts and lifestyle magazine!

Trivia Club

Quiz yourself on topics from sports to science to history!

Sports Analytics

Fill out the best bracket or fantasy league!

Girls Learn International

Get educated about local and international issues!

Women's Chorus Club

All girls are welcome to come sing popular music!

Mental Health at Menlo Club

Learn how to de-stigmatize Mental Health in the Menlo community and beyond

Politics Club

A place to discuss politics and current events.



Menlo School's Math and Computer Science Club!

Board Game Club

Play board games!

Latinos Unidos

Latinos Unidos Club works to come together as a Latinx community!

Useless Knowledge

Create articles that provide in-depth, scientific answers to nonsensical questions.

Art Mural Club

Studio art time as well as learning about various artistic topics!

Meets Biweekly
Storytelling Club

Tell us a story!

Opera Club

Sing with us!